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# Salary
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Salary is developed by **monnierant** and **Pymous** to pay salaries to your player's group via a permission, by *day of week* or *day of month*.
Salaries will be paid on Timer. [Logo was designed by Sy Gibbon]( !
- [Consultez notre wiki pour avoir la documentation en français](
### Features
- Pay with a permission your player
- Pay by day of week, or day of month
- Offline's players will be be paid when they login
### Requirement
- Plugin [*Vault*](
- A superperms's plugin like [*PermissionsEx*](
### Install
1. Download plugin on [](
2. Put **salary.jar** into your plugins's folder
3. Launch your server and re-stop your server
4. Edit the file **config.yml**
5. Relaunch your server !
### How to Use
Its very easy to use, define which group have a salary with permission `<groupname>` and add it to your group!
### Configuration
* **SalaryDetails** - Set your groups and salaries
* **salary** - salary's amount
* **dayOfWeek** - Set the day of the week will be paid salary ( **ex**.: *1 - monday / 2 - tuesday / 3 - wednesday, etc* )
* **dayOfMonth** - Set the day of month will be paid salary Attention dayOfWeek will no longer be used.
* **lastpayement** - DO NOT CHANGE THIS PARAM
* **messages** - You can translate in your own language!
### Licenses
#### Sources
The source for **Salary** is released under the [**GNU General Public License**]( as published by the **Free Software Foundation**, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#### Logo
[Salary's logo]( is designed by [SyGibbon]( and is licensed under [CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0](
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Manifest-Version: 1.0
X-COMMENT: Main-Class will be added automatically by build
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name: Salary
main: me.monnierant.salary.Salary
version: 2.0
description: desc
author: Monnier Antoine
depend: [Vault]
description: Core Salary Command
usage: /salary
description: Allow a Player to pay one or all group(s)
description: Allow a Player to list groups infos
description: Allow a Player to reload Salary Configuration
- !@UTF8
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